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Forbes Magazine says, “If you are going to take financial advice, maybe you should listen to someone who has actually made a lot of money!”  The “Wally Mackey Success Story” (shown at the bottom of this web site) was published in Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Money magazines to give you an insight to his unique safe money strategies.  It’s a story about how Wally and his wife, Chris, became multi-millionaires using the same strategies he has taught to thousands across the country.  His safe money approach outperformed the stock market by 2:1 over the last two decades.


Now, Wally and his daughter, Tamara, have a 5% guaranteed yield for savers as well.  You can learn more about this strategy at  Your task is to take the time to study their DVD and written reports in the privacy of your own home!




It may crash, or it may not crash for a couple more months.  It doesn’t matter when you are using safe money strategies.  How does it work?  You open an account.  The account earns interest.  The account grows in an income tax deferred environment.  You pay taxes only when you withdraw money to spend.  In some years the interest rate will be linked to the gains of an investment index; such as, the S&P 500 Index, Goldman Sachs Dynamo Strategy Index, or other similar ways to measure the movement of the global financial markets.  When these markets are forecast to decline, you will be instructed to switch to an annually declare fixed interest rate.  In any case, you will never lose any money, never pay any fees, and never pay any commissions.  Most of the time, your retirement plan will be enhanced with an immediate cash incentive bonus; like 12% for example or you will be guaranteed to earn 17% over the next four years!


Wally Mackey and Tamara Christians are Lifetime Charter Members with a Master Certification of the Harry S. Dent Advisers Network.  They are licensed to teach Economist Dent’s economic forecasting research.  Currently, stock prices around the world have been pushed into a bubble caused by the Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing Policy – something called money printing – and similar policies of the other global central banks.  Trillions of dollars have entered the stock markets through the banking system.  These policies have created an artificial bubble boom.  Sooner or later, it will end and the stock markets worldwide will crash.  It isn’t going to work much longer.


Economist Harry Dent and others forecast the Dow Jones Industrial Average will drop 70% to 80% by the end of 2017.  So, think about going to cash (including rolling over your 401k to a traditional IRA) using Wally Mackey’s strategies.  Lock in your gains to spend on another day.  If you leave your money in an investment environment, maybe you will be lucky and only lose 50% because you have part of your portfolio in bonds?  The fact is you are going to lose a lot of money!


Here’s another strategy!  What if, you moved your money to a short-term account paying a 5% interest rate?  You earn monthly interest and the money is returned or rolled over at the end of 12 months.  When things get better, you can go back into the stock market!  By the way, this short-term account has no fees and you do not pay any commission.  Or, you can wait and see?  There will come a day when you wake up to feel the pain of losing money again.  Then, you’ll go to cash, earning less than one percent!  You know the drill – it will be worse than 2008.


You start my requesting our free DVD.  Wally Mackey is a member of the Better Business Bureau of West Florida, Financial International Association of Registered Financial Consultants, National Ethics Association, AdvisorCheck, Lifetime Member of the Financial Planning Association, and a licensed life insurance and annuity provider in Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, and Michigan.  Check out his references by clicking the reference button on the left.  You will discover an impeccable reputation!


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